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My Etsy has a few things up for sale…I’ll be making more once I’m all done with commission pieces. 

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Nosferatu, 1922
Spooky world last night

I learned a long time ago that the dishes won’t do themselves. And the trash won’t take itself out. And things don’t magically go back to where they’re supposed to be. I wish my adult roommates realized the same!!!!

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Bandaids for your spooky aesthetics


Turnstile - Heavy Hand

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Selfies with donuts

Still not sure if I made the right choice to
not see my ex last night. I haven’t seen him since January and I genuinely miss him. We ended on far away terms and it would have been nice to maybe have some sense of resolve. But I know I would just get emotional and it would cause me stress.

I just keep reminding myself that he never came to see me once unless it was when he was on tour and stopping in Boston. Which is exactly what happened last night. It was just convenient for him to see me because he was in my city. Why should I continue to be on his terms when we haven’t been together for almost a year. A year and a half relationship and he never flew here for me on his own dime, yet I flew to see him 5 times. I put a lot of energy into a relationship that was one sided. There’s no doubt that I loved him but he brought out the negative side of me and I was an unhappy bitch when we were together. I still think he just liked the idea of me but didn’t actually love me. That hurts.

Now I’m dating someone who has put in so much already, actually drives far to see me and he just looks at me with this certain look in his eyes like he’d be lost without me. He brings out the best in me and makes me want to work harder and be more motivated. I feel like I need to pinch myself everyday because it feels like I’m dreaming.

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Love leaves.