All these mirror pictures….
Q: how do you keep yr skin so gorge? i need help / tips? thank uu

I went on accutane. I had realllllly awful skin until I was 25. Now I just use good products and exfoliate and get a facial every few months.

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Bands on We Heart It.
Waiting for some hoes to come pick me up
Q: How do you get such perfect wavy hair ):

I washed it 3 days ago and diffused it then I do nothing to it

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Last nights bar selfie.
Q: So I have noticed that you have pretty adorable style and I'm in need of some new clothing. Would you mind filling me in on some of your favorite stores?

I Iike to thrift a lot and mix that with cheap things from forever 21, h&m and various online stores. I do tend to spend money on good shoes though :$

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Sometimes love just isn’t enough..

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Good morning.