Sometimes love just isn’t enough..

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Good morning.
OMG haha
You should just own who you are, what you wear, what you like to do and let people help you. And accept that you’re an awesome person and awesome people deserve awesome things. My friend told me this tonight. It meant a lot
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I get a fair amount of hair questions ..I don’t know if its because people just like my hair or know I’m a stylist. But for those who care…I do have a separate IG for my work. Lurk me. Add me. Unfollow me. Go for it.
I don’t care about anything (that’s a lie)

Ouija Board cake - had this custom made for Brennan’s bday last year.
Q: Hey, I think your blog is really neat and cool. But it's not what I like anymore, so I'm unfollowing. I just don't want you to get the wrong idea, and think that someone disliked you. Well have a nice day!!

Haha ok? The internet is SO WEIRD!!!!!

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"EdTV" (1999)
I’m falling apart.

I need to make so many changes in my life. Everything looks perfect on the outside but everything on the inside is a wreck.

I know what I want but I just can’t make it happen.

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